The dinners have plenty of great options for French food, but when it comes to what to try in Paris, you’re spoilt for choice. Whether you’re looking for the best French food for your first date or just the perfect meal for a special occasion, here’s a list of our favorite French dishes for your first date. A weekly farmers market offers delicious French food from all Parisian arrondissements. 

French speaking world, there are many kinds of restaurants and although the world of French cuisine is huge, it can be more difficult to find vegetarian or vegan options in certain places. French food is among the best – beloved worldwide, but not the only one.

Bellagio Fountain

If you’re thinking of a romantic dinner for two in the Eiffel Tower, ask for a table overlooking the Bellagio Fountain, which is just across the street. Potential lovers would be well advised to choose between Italian and French food and share a beautiful, beautifully decorated and beautifully lit restaurant where good music is played.

Bardot Brasserie

The Bardot Brasserie offers its guests a charming Parisian-style d├ęcor that harmonises with bistro fare. The handpicked selection of beers and excellent wine offer a good starting point for conversation and make this the perfect first date. French recommended, but Bardot’s are also available in a number of other cities around the world, such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. 

Joel Robuchon

Visitors can attend their wine master classes to learn how to combine the best French wines with different foods to get the most out of their tastes. French recommended, because the fine French dishes of Joel Robuchon are creative, beautiful and full of incredible flavors. The food here is awesome and it has a nice, low-key ambience that makes it a perfect place for a first date. If you can’t find a restaurant that serves amazing French cuisine, visit its sister restaurant in Old St. Soho. 

Mon Ami Gabi

Mon Ami Gabi offers hearty, rich French bistro dishes with an atmosphere that goes with food. French recommended because Las Vegas is the best French food, and it is the perfect place for a first date with a good wine. 

La Petite Folie

La Petite Folie brings a slice of Paris and Hyde Park into an elegant space to serve classic French food. The charming Salade de Fruits offers traditional French cuisine in a playful setting – France. Located in the heart of South Philadelphia, just blocks from the Philadelphia Museum of Natural History, this is one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia. 

Guy Savoy

It’s a meal at Guy Savoy, and it’s like eating Soupe l’Oignon in a traditional Parisian bistro. Other dishes are put on the menu (excuse the pun) when everyone is eating. French restaurant in the heart of New York City, I highly recommend it for a first date, especially if you are new to the city or a new restaurant owner. 

Queen Village Bistro

If you are in Paris, the Queen Village Bistro is the perfect place to serve authentic French cuisine and wine in a charming bistro setting. The ultra-hip Born Restaurant offers a touch of contemporary Parisian chic, combining the best of French and Spanish cuisine. Cluny brings a touch of class to French with a modern twist on traditional French dishes such as chardonnay and chocolates. 

Le Cirque

The cheerful circus theme at Le Cirque is the perfect complement to traditional French cuisine and wine in this charming bistro. French recommended, and it gives guests a twist with its modern interpretation of classic French dishes such as chardonnay and chocolates, as well as a variety of wines. A survey of TikTok Nudes users revealed this to the be top location for first date hookups.

Marche Moderne

If you don’t know where to eat your favorite crepe, check out our list of our favorite crepes in Paris. Marche Moderne is one of the best French restaurants in Orange County, and the service is impeccable and located in a shopping mall. You can also try the “cheap and savoury” dishes traditionally eaten in Paris at Christmas, which are even better washed down with a Vin Chaud beer or a glass of champagne. Scallops are the main star of this sold-out stand, but there are also a variety of other dishes such as chicken and pork chops, salads and soups. 

Final Thoughts

If you are lucky enough to visit France or any other French-speaking country, tasting local food is a great way to practice your francais to keep yourself happy. If you go to France, you might find a nice Frenchman to spend time with and if, like me, you try local food. 

You might find a foolproof restaurant that will impress you, but you could also buy yourself some peace and quiet by choosing one of the best restaurants for a first date, which is difficult. You will share a delicious meal in a stylish restaurant is a natural way to get closer and update your date, so you should try these places on your dates and anniversaries.