Lunch Hours: Mon. – Sat. 11am – 2pm, Sun. by appt. only (Min. party of 15 or for Special Events)

We are proud to be rated one of the top 15 restaurants in Cincinnati.


Paté Maison – $10

served with cornichons Crevettes Sauce Boursin – $13 shrimp

sautéed with sun-dried tomatoes, corn, and leeks in a garlic, herb cream sauce Champignon Portabella aux

Quatre Fromages – $12
grilled mushroom stuffed with swiss, brie and parmesan cheeses, over a blue cheese sauce

Escargots Bourguignon – $11.5

snails in garlic parsley butter

Saumon Fumé – $13.5

smoked salmon garnished with field greens, capers and shallots

Bruschetta de Flageolets – $9

grilled french bread with mashed flageolet beans, tomatoes, thyme, garlic, and balsamic vinegar.

Soups, Salads and Paninis

Soupe du Jour – $5
the chef’s special creation

Soupe à l’Oignon – $6
onion soup gratineed with swiss cheese

Salade Douce et Amère – $5.5
field greens with prosciutto, sun-dried cherries and cassis vinaigrette

Salade d’ Epinards – $5.5
spinach and romaine garnished with goat cheese, stuffed endive grapes and walnuts, in a champagne vinaigrette

Salade Caesar – $5.5 / large with Chicken – $13
romaine lettuce tossed with caesar dressing and topped with parmesan cheese and croutons

Salade Niçoise – $12.5 with chicken / $14.5 with tuna or salmon
grilled tuna, salmon or chicken with haricots verts, potatoes and provencale olives on a bed of greens with balsamic dressing

Salade de Canard – $15
roasted duck breast served on a bed of field greens with sun-dried cherries and cassis vinaigrette

Panini de Saumon Fumé – $13.5
grilled smoked salmon, swiss cheese, dijon mayonaise sandwich garnished with a field green salad in cassis vinaigrette

Panini de Poulet et Fromage de Brie – $13.5
grilled rosemary chicken breast, brie cheese and spicy sun-dried tomato pesto sandwich garnished with field green salad in cassis vinaigrette


Poulet au Porto – $14
chicken breast tenderloin sautéed with a white port, mushroom cream sauce served potatoes and vegetables

Quiche aux Légumes – $11
Beatrice’s vegetable quiche creation of the day served with field greens salad

Steak Haché – $13
ground beef tenderloin topped with mushroom, shallot and red wine sauce, served with pommes frites and vegetables.

Entrecote de Boeuf Sauce au Poivre – $16
grilled new york strip with a black peppercorn sauce served with pommes frites and vegetables

Tilapia Meunière – $13
tilapia sautéed in lemon butter with parsley and white wine

Saumon Grillé – $15
herbed grilled salmon served with rice and vegetables

Crevettes à la Provençale – $14.5
shrimp sautéed with tomatoes, garlic and white wine served with pasta and vegetables

Moules Marinières ou à la Crème – $13.5
mussels steamed, with or without cream, in garlic wine sauce served with pommes frites

Crépe au Fromage de Chévre – $11
goat cheese crepe baked with spinach and prosciutto, garnished with a red brandy cream sauce served with rice and vegetables

Crépe au Fromage de Brie – $11
brie cheese crepe topped with bechamel sauce and gratineed with swiss cheese served with rice and vegetables

Crépe Végétarienne – $10
crepe filled with sautéed assortment of vegetables in a ginger vinaigrette served with rice

Crepe au Prosciutto et Endives – $13
belgium endive and prosciutto crepe, topped with bechamel sauce and gratineed with swiss cheese served with rice

Blanquette de Veau – $14.5
ivory veal stew with mushrooms, served over rice

Croque Madame – $10.5
baked french bread, ham and swiss cheese topped with two sunny-side up eggs served with potatoes and vegetables

These entrees are available as crepes upon request

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